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At Gene’s Luggage and Travelware, we take our business to a personal level that most online stores fail to reach.

Yes, we sell great luggage.
Yes, we sell helpful gadgets for the savvy traveler, and business and computer cases that really work.

Yes, we sell nationally known brands. We are everything you’d expect to find in a luggage store – executive gifts, gorgeous leather wallets, toiletry kits, and notebooks. Pens, jewelry boxes, pill cases, and clocks.

And yes, like the top online stores, we offer the best advice, gleaned from true personal experience, which we can muster.

We also educate many hundreds of travelers a year in Valencia, California about how to travel with confidence, and how to travel prepared. And we take the time to get involved, to help when we can, whenever you involve us in making the important personal purchases of your business and travel life. Gene’s Luggage and Travelware takes your total customer experience personally and is committed from the moment you walk into our shop, wander into our online store, and long after the sale is made.

We support companies who stand behind their products, and shed those who don’t. Just like you would.

We are picky…we buy from companies who engineer their products to last. Just like you do, or would if you could we keep the companies who keep their promises, speak in clear language about warranties and guarantees, and make replacement parts available.

We take it all very personally! Try Gene’s Luggage and Travelware – we’d like to make a few promises to you, and we relish the chance to keep them!

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