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A Saks F-22 Nylon Carry-on Duffle Bag W/Pouch

$80.00 $37.99

Discover the best bag for your next adventure today. This soft duffel bag delivers style, quality and reliability.



Here is a quality 22″ soft duffle made from durable ripstop nylon. I like the the way this duffel folds into the waterproof pouch (provided).  The rich look and classic design make this one of the best lightweight duffle bags anywhere.  Look at cavernous main pocket in this bag. This bag is made from high-quality nylon, and it has the capability to fold into a separate waterproof pouch when not in use. Convenient handles let you carry it, or sling it over your shoulder with the easily attached strap to quickly make your way through crowded airport concourses.

  • Pouch is completely waterproof
  • Bags are able to fold into a pouch
  • Shoulder strap
  • Pouch can be used separately for everyday use as well as a cosmetic pouch
  • Parachute nylon
  • Front pocket
  • Price 80.00
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